Star Trek: Supremacy: Features


Your continuing mission... to explore strange new worlds... to seek out new life and new civilizations... to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Space is vast.  There are treasures out here to make your exploration a bit easier... but there are terrors that will require every ounce of strength you have to defeat. 

You will be put in charge of developing The Federation.  Where to go, where to station your starships and defenses.  Your job is to expand.  Go as far as you possibly can.  Explore the unknown, resist oppression at all costs, and ensure your survival.



Your In Control.  That means you can develop whatever you want... whenever you want.  Each colony produces structures to benefit your expansion and starships to help you protect the border. 

Tired of Micro Managing... No problem... With just one click your Colony governor will take over all development.  They will produce what you need based on the state of your expansion. 


Internal & External Affairs

One of your main jobs is to make sure that no one can sabotage your structures or starships.  This is a very important as hundreds of races will be keeping a eye on every move you make... So make sure you do the same.  With Internal and External Affairs you can manage your entire spy network.  You can increase security here at home to root out all spies, or you can boost your external network to find out what your advesaries are up to.  If you notice a imment threat you can quickly respond by sabotaging the enemy. 

As head of security you must make sure you have enough officers to man your starships.... Failure to do so can result in devastation.


Research & Development

As you start out... one of the key areas you must focus on is your research & development.  Through this you can build bigger and better starships to meet the enemy.  You also have to focus on developing better agriculture, manufacturing, energy, propulsion technology to meet the growing needs of your citizens. 

You can end up the major power in the Quadrant... having a armada of the strongest and fastest ships throughout known space.



Do you need allies? Do you have a war to fight but need some help?  Well then head over to Diplomacy and start making powerful allies.  Through this feature you will be able to make non aggression treaties, trading agreements, Military alliances and declarations of war.  Your going to need all the help you can get when fighting multiple enemies... so if needed you can trade Dilithium, Deuterium, Technology or Raw Materials.



Eventually your going to come across races that are not too friendly.  The Klingons, The Romulans, etc., they all may try to test your resolve.  They will test your metal and see if you can defend your own.  Will you be able to lead your ships into victory ... or will your defenses crumble and your people conquered. 

You will be in charge of the fleet... commanding dozens to hundreds of ships against enemies that may outnumber you.  You must use various tactics and skills to defeat them

Be sure to develop your skills ... as their are mysteries and terrors that will challenge your very existance.